Completion of Advanced Descaling System Supply for NORM Pipes in Oil & Gas Industry in Kuwait

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Successful Completion of NUSIM, S.A.U.’s Innovative Descaling Equipment Supply for NORM Pipes Used in Oil & Gas Drilling. In collaboration with HELGESON SCIENTIFIC SERVICES, we have developed a device that performs a thorough internal and external cleaning of pipes, allowing for successful reuse in the future.

This equipment boasts impressive technical features such as a pipe diameter of 3.5 to 5 inches, a length of 8 to 10 meters, and a maximum pipe weight of 700 kg, making it extremely versatile and suitable for transportation to different workshops. Additionally, it has a cleaning speed of 1 m/min to 10 m/min and a water pressure of 1,200 bar to 1,400 bar, ensuring a thorough and complete cleaning.

The water flow can reach up to 50 l/min and the equipment features a water treatment and recirculation system, making it highly efficient and environmentally friendly. We are proud to have successfully completed this project and look forward to continued innovation in the industry.