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Rayos-X NECSA Sudáfrica

X-RAY inspection for drums

A new X-RAY inspection equipment for radioactive waste has been successfully installed in South Africa. Our state-of-the-art system identifies unwanted elements and ensures safe and efficient handling of these hazardous materials in the nuclear sector. At NUSIM S.A.U., we are leaders in turnkey solutions for radioactive waste.


Limpieza paneles ITER Francia

FWP panel cleaning system

We have successfully completed the FAT tests of our innovative ITER FWP panel cleaning device. This state-of-the-art equipment will be installed in the final phase of the FWP panel production line and ensures a thorough, efficient, and safe cleaning process. At NUSIM, we are committed to innovation and excellence in the nuclear sector.



NORM pipe descaling

This innovative DESCALING solution features impressive technical specifications such as a pipe diameter of 3.5 to 5 inches, a cleaning speed of 1 m/min to 10 m/min, and a water pressure of 1,200 bar to 1,400 bar. Moreover, the equipment is highly efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to its water treatment and recirculation system.


NUSVAC Central Nuclear de Ascó

NUSVAC Equipment

Our NUSVAC equipment utilizes the latest technology in sheet handling to ensure high standards of safety and efficiency in material handling. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with our NUSPIDER drum handling equipment and can be operated remotely or locally. At NUSIM S.A.U., we are committed to innovation and safety in all areas.




NORM Abu Dabi

NORM Waste Plant

We have completed part of the world’s first NORM ash stabilization and solidification plant. The plant chemically stabilizes the waste and mixes it with cement before being blocked and sent to the landfill. The project includes production testing and marks the beginning of the commissioning of the plant, where we have completed all proyect phases.


Flamaville Equipos de Manipulación

Handling Cradles

We supplied eight handling cradles for the Flamanville 3 project by Westinghouse Electric Company with the support of FABE Business Development. The equipment will facilitate the handling, storage, and installation of penetrations and pipes at the site. Acceptance tests ensure that they meet the requirements of the customer and end-user.