Descaling of Oil & Gas drilling pipes NORM

Descaling of Oil & Gas drilling pipes NORM

During Oil&Gas drilling jobs the pipes get clogged by scale deposits in the inner surface where the fluid is passing through. It is usual that this scale has a high concentration of Barium. This concentration is enough to classify this material as NORM waste (naturally occurring radioactive material). So it shall be cleaned in order to continue under operation.

Although some different solutions may be used, the most efficient is the high pressure water at high impact force.


The equipment

The Mobile Pipe Descaling System developed by NUSIM uses high pressure cleaning at a maximum of 1.400 bar for inner and outer pipe cleaning.

The whole system is composed mainly by 3 units: descaling chamber, HP cleaning unit and Water treatment unit.


Technical characteristics

‣ Pipe diameter: from 3,5 to 5 inches.

‣ Length: from 8 to 10 meters.

‣ Maximum pipe weight (including scale): 700 kg.

‣ Male female terminals.

‣ Container type, so it can be transported to different workshops.

‣ Cleaning speed from 1 m/min to 10 m/min.

‣ Water pressure: from 1.200 bar to 1.400 bar.

‣ Water flow: up to 50 l/min.

‣ Water treatment and recirculation.